Claire: Pulse Cosmetics Featured Artist

Interview Q&A @clare_rene_

What is your make up background?
• I have always loved makeup! It wasn't until I went off to college that I realized traditional schooling wasn't for me and I wanted to extend my knowledge of makeup, as well as make it my job! I completed a certification course and the rest is history!

What got you into the cosmetics industry or even your love of makeup?
• Actually, I was born with hereditary dark circles, so I've had them my whole life and probably will always have them. I've tried every Cream, every serum, every mask, every vitamin, drinking water, sleeping more, and nothing would ever diminish the darkness. So in about 8th grade I started to dabble into other products that might help with the darkness! And the only thing I hadn't tried was makeup! But that right there was what got me into trying and testing out new makeup products and experimenting!

As an artist, what inspires you?
• A lot of things inspire me! I am always so inspired by fellow MUA's who have such creative ideas and are constantly creating. I also actually really enjoy pulling color combinations or vibes from clothing; I’m also very into fashion! I love trying out new color combos that seem unconventional! And I love adding elements that add a new layer of texture, like sparkles, metallics, glitters, matte, etc!

What is your favorite Pulse Cosmetics product?
• My favorite product has to be my powder blush in plum brown! It's so versatile and looks great with almost every single makeup look!

Is there a current make up trend that you are either obsessed with or really love?
• I really love the whole metallic lip trend we're seeing! As well as the metallic liquid eyeshadows that are popping out everywhere!

Is there a current make up tip you would like to give someone that wants to go into the industry?
• Be yourself & work really hard! Don't try to do what everyone else is doing, and find your vibe/your style and stick with it. The right people/gigs/clients/etc. will come!

What is something in your career as a makeup artist that you are really proud of?

• I got to do makeup for a photo-shoot for the NFL Colts Cheerleaders' Halloween photo-shoot this past October! That was super exciting and an honor to be apart of!

Are there any must have colors that you feel everyone that wears makeup must have?
• I love me some good matte warm-tone brown eyeshadows! These are perfect as transitional shades, but also great for those light makeup days! Also, a very neutral colored blush that can be worn with a ton of different makeup looks!