Jeannette Fitch: Aspiring Makeup Artist

Meet the beautiful Jeannette Fitch, our featured artist for the month of September!

She is a 25-year-old aspiring makeup artist who is passionate at what she does. She continuously inspires others through social media outlets with her makeup artistry and tips and trends.

Jeannette gave Pulse Cosmetics insight into what got her into the cosmetics industry, what inspires her, her favorite Pulse Cosmetics products, and what makes her proud of being a makeup artist.

Jeannette Fitch Interview: Becoming a Social Media Makeup Artist

As an artist, what inspires you?

I love bright, bold colors. Normally, the environment inspires me. For example, a warm sunset with purples and oranges or the deep blues and greens of the ocean. I also started getting inspiration through watching beauty YouTube videos. This opened my eyes to all of the different things you can do with makeup.

What is your favorite Pulse Cosmetics product?

My favorite Pulse Cosmetics products are the blushes. They are incredibly pigmented and blend extremely easy. My favorite blush right now is “Peach Nectar,” it is beautiful!

Is there a current make up tip you would like to give someone that wants to go into the industry?

I would say to remain consistent and always practice. If you are uncomfortable with something, like doing a cut crease, practice and practice until it sticks.

If someone were aspiring to be a YouTube Artist, Blogger, or Social Media Influencer, without giving away your secrets, what advice would you give?

I would say consistency is a must, and to post at least once per day. Posting once a day and tagging the brands you use will help you get recognized, versus posting once every two weeks.

Is there a current makeup trend that you are either obsessed with or really love?

I am obsessed with ombre lips. They are easy and fun, plus it is a good trick to give off the illusion that your lips are fuller than they are. I still use this trend on a regular basis, and I just love it!

What is something in your career as a makeup artist that you are really proud of?

I have been extremely proud of makeup brands noticing my work, like Pulse Cosmetics. That is something I have always dreamed of, and it blows my mind that they take the time to even look at my work. Also, I just love being able to make my clients happy and transform them. It is such a good feeling.

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