Krista Ehret-She is not only a natural at applying makeup both on herself and others, but her personal style is both natural and glamorous.

In 2001, Ehret-She decided to apply her natural artistic skills to that of the face, and joined Studio Makeup Academy in Hollywood, where she was given opportunities to work within the beauty industry. Ehret-She’s favorite endeavor was working LA Fashion Week three years in a row.

Recently, Pulse Cosmetics was given the opportunity to ask Ehret-She for some makeup advice. When asked for advice on how to choose the perfect lipstick color, Ehret-She said, “I always tell people how to choose the perfect lipstick is something you would wear every single say.” Ehret-She said skin tone has little to do with how well a lipstick shade will look on you, and more to do with how you plan to rock it out that day.

Ehret-She also said today’s generation makes applying makeup a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Although everyone is not naturally makeup savvy, a few simple tricks can send you right on your way to learning. For instance, Ehret-She insists makeup should be worn both classy, and blended. Ehret-She said, “Blend your lines ladies! Have the correct tool for each product you put on your face, and know how to use them.”

Ehret-She gets her inspiration from others verbal positive feedback. “A compliment goes a long way. Compliments make me want to push harder and try new things.”

Ehret-She is a true lover of Pulse Cosmetics products. “I love the intensity when you put it on the face,” she said. “What you see is what you get with Pulse Products.”

Krista used Pulse Cosmetics glitter on the lids and contour blush to highlight her cheeks.