Being a famous Instagram make up artist…tell us how you got started doing make up?

Well I’ve always loved makeup since I was very young, but when I finally started working at Sephora I knew makeup was my passion! While I worked there, I often had people asking me what I used on my face and complimenting my makeup looks, so I took to Instagram to document my daily creativity and was shocked by the results!

Where do you draw your inspiration from to create looks?

I am open to anything and everything inspiring me. It could be something in nature, some new makeup, something I see online…the possibilities of inspiration are endless! Sometimes I just sit down at my vanity and let whatever happens, happen! That’s how some of my best work has come to be.

What are your favorite Pulse Cosmetics products? Are there any products that are a must have within the beauty industry?

My favorite products from Pulse Cosmetics would have to be the lip-glosses and the concealer. The blushes and eye shadows have amazing pigment as well! I really like the beige eye fix concealer the most though. It’s a staple for me when it comes to cleaning up my brows or winged liner!

What is your favorite look to execute?

I have a few looks that I thoroughly enjoy creating but my favorite or my go to is something that I have down to a science, I know it will look great in photos whatever the occasion may be. This look involves a foiled rose gold lid, winged liner, lashes (of course!), and some variation of a matte nude lip. It’s easy for me to execute, low maintenance, and just the right amount of glam for anything I have to do that day!

As a general tip for someone trying to pursue a career in the professional makeup industry, WORK HARD! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Consistency is key, especially if they are trying to use social media as their main tool. Make sure you have good lighting, excellent picture quality, be professional and polite, and get your work out there in any way you can!