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August 2, 2017
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October 11, 2017

Fall Makeup Fitting Into Your Budget

Fall Makeup

The matte skin, the opaque dark colors that speak to your soul, the pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING … the season of change is finally here! There are many gorgeous new and ongoing beauty trends to try on your eyes, lips and cheeks this fall season, without breaking your bank. Get inspired with these five makeup trends, and see how Pulse Cosmetics can successfully give you these looks for the affordable price.

The “Halo Eye”

One of the latest makeup trends that are making waves is the halo eye look. The halo eye uses eyeshadow to create a halo-like effect around the eyes to give them a glowing appearance. This technique calls for applying darker shades on the inner and outer corners of the lid and then packing a lighter, shimmery shade in the center. To create this effect using Pulse Cosmetics, it is best to first apply either the white or beige eye fix base to set the shadow and ensure it doesn’t wear throughout the day. Whether you want to add some color or stick to a dark Smokey eye, our shadows in Pleasantly Plum, Deep Sea Blue, and Blackest Black are the perfect fit. To create that halo effect, our colors in Sandstone and White Gold will give you that incredible glow you’ve been wanting.

Vampy Lips

Dark lipstick has been an ongoing trend, and is considered to be the most popular during this time of year. Whether you are feeling a romantic burgundy, a bold ruby red, or a deep gothic plum, there is a dark lip for everyone’s style. To make these colors pop, it is best to keep the rest of the look very minimal and just focus on the lips. For perfect application, use a pencil of the same tone as the lipstick and a nude one to avoid smudges out of the edges of your lips. Pulse Cosmetics lipstick in Merlot and liquid to matte in Ruby will give you the best results for this vampy lip trend you must take part in this fall season.

Invisible “Floating” Eyeliner

The latest eye makeup trend is the invisible or “floating” eyeliner, which utilizes negative space to create a sharp line or graphic shape illusion, resulting in a truly mesmerizing look. As seen predominately on the runway during fashion week, this bold look is meant to complement a strong, empowered woman. To achieve this look, the eyeliner must be drawn above the crease of the eye in either a sharp wing or a graphic shape of your choice. For the best results, use Pulse Cosmetics Precision Pen Eyeliner with any dark shadow to get this unique affect.

Metallic/Glitter Accents

One of the most exciting trends for this fall is the return of metallic and glitter accents for eyes, cheeks and lips. When using metallic on the eye area, use our White or Beige Eye Fix Base first to make sure the product doesn’t crease and the shimmer stays throughout the day. There are two ways to create this look, you can either go dramatic or keep it simple. To create an intense look, simply apply the metallic or glitter across the whole eyelid, surrounding it with a dark Smokey eye. If you want to try this trend in a more subtle way, highlight the eyes with metallic or glitter accents in the tear duct area or lower lash line, and keep the rest of the eye rather neutral. To successfully achieve this look, Pulse Cosmetics glitters in Golden Treasure, White Diamond, or Falling Star will give you that perfect sparkling, glowing look you will want this fall season.

Offbeat Lips

The unique offbeat lip trend is a reoccurring trend for this fall season that many people seem to enjoy doing. This exciting and fun trend can be created in two ways: the ombre and two-toned lips. The ombre lip is a very easy look to recreate and looks best with darker shades to make your pout look fuller. Ombre lips are a style in which two or more shades are worn, where the first color goes around the edges of the mouth then another is put in the inner parts of the lips and blended outward. To effectively achieve this look, Pulse Cosmetics lip liners are extremely creamy and glide on perfectly to create the beautiful ombre effect. The two-toned lips trend is created with two different shades of lipstick, one for the upper lip and one for the bottom. For a spunky, vibrant look use Pulse Cosmetics lipstick in Viva La Orange for the top lip and Metro Red for the bottom lip.

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