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September 21, 2017
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January 10, 2018

The Millennial Beauty Movement

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Young women are becoming more open to authenticity – who they are and want to be in real life – like never before. They soul search and strive to develop their own unique identities, all while influencing others. The beauty culture age is now unfolding, and millennials are shaking up the beauty industry in a significant way.

The “Less is More” Approach

When it comes to makeup, it’s tempting to paint your face with bright colors and dark shades, however, sometimes a “less is more” approach is necessary. Millennials tend to strive towards this approach to beauty, simply to achieve a minimalist look. Minimizing your makeup can help your skin, your confidence, and your bank account. Not to mention, this approach will also save you a bundle of time in the mornings, as you can create your look for the day in a timely manner. Our lip set in Bare Truth and Contour Blush will give you the perfect, natural look to achieve this “less is more” approach.

The Demand for ALL Natural Beauty Products

Millennials want makeup that is safe for their skin. Their approach to cosmetics is “green” and “all natural,” as they make conscious decisions. They tend to be more socially conscious than older aged groups, and are influenced by product offerings marketed as ethical, sustainable or environmentally friendly. They value makeup that is paraben free, gluten free, and most of all cruelty free, JUST like Pulse Cosmetics!


Millennials are taking ownership of their beauty culture with images of self-expression. They take more pictures in a day on average than their parents took in a year. They enjoy the ritual of putting on makeup, for the sole purpose of expressing their personality and gain confidence. Many individuals are now relying on social media for inspiration, as well as to discover new beauty products.

Heavy Buyers

Millennials aren’t only the largest generation in America; they also make up the biggest portion of the $13 billion dollar cosmetics market. With their love for Instagram-driven trends, their dollars are going towards products such as concealers, primers, lipsticks, highlighting, and eyebrow products. Testing is vital in today’s millennial buyers, as the demand for witnessing the product in action is on the rise. Testing the products before buying is like a playground for customers to decide if the product is worth a credit card swipe.

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